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Ace of Cups Description

The “hand of God” appears from a cloud, holding a fountain aloft for a dove to dip a Catholic communion wafer into.

Water droplets shaped like Hebrew yods fall to the water below. The essence implied here is the absolute purity of the spiritual waters that are the source for all human emotion (the large body of water below).

Being an Ace, this card is cardinal, or bold and forceful in leadership by nature, and the suit of Cups is representative of the metaphysical element of water, indicating spiritual purity (or lack thereof) and raw emotions.

Prime Elements of Ace of Cups

  • Number: Ace (or One). Source, infusion, endless supply, origin(s). Odd
  • Suit: Cups. Emotional capacity, need, fertility, receptacle
  • Direction: North. Domesticity, matriarchy. Noon. Midday meal
  • Element: Water. Spirituality, emotion, faith, inspiration, purity, instinct

Ace of Cups Meaning

As with all Aces of the Tarot, the Ace of Cups card reflects new beginnings, purity of form and purpose, and the elemental intensity required to successfully manifest something from nothing.

This Ace, however, indicates the wellspring, or source, of what is to follow in this suit. This places it parallel in prominence with any of the “major” Arcana cards.

Easy interpretations are: anything new on an emotional level; love, hope, “a miracle cure” of any sort, a surge of happiness, a birth (likely a girl), engagement, or even a marriage (if aspected by the Two of Cups, The Lovers, or other obvious indication).

The deeper implications show a potential soul bonding, spiritual awakening or deep religious devotion, a peace offering in war, or a miracle offered (long shot hope).

Being an Ace, the Ace of Cups card is the essence of the suit of Cups without the burden of outside influence or representation. As such, all of the Aces can amplify the energy of similar, related cards.

All Aces are amplifiers: they empower related and congruent card energies to illustrate powerful events and circumstances.

Ace of Cups Reversed

In  the reversed position, the Ace of Cups means Depression. Unhappiness and malaise, potentially devastating news (with any Page, or Swords), loss of love, faith, or happiness.

Separation from one’s personal source of inspiration and hope. Drug overdose in a medical spread or if aspected negatively by Sword cards or cards akin to the Five of Cups. Poison.

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