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Ace of Pentacles Description

The “hand of God” appears from a small cloud, holding a large gold coin this time. Ignore the pentagram inscribed in it for the moment. The gold and the coin part are the primary Tarot symbolism. The addition of a pentagram to the coin in this image does not change the Tarot symbolism, nor does it imply that a Christian “God” is a heathen (pagan). The grounds below are lush and luxurious in contrast to other Aces, reinforcing the fertility of the earth and the raw power of Nature. The energy of this card is cardinal, as are all of the other Aces. It shows us the foundation of all wealth and worldly power.

Prime Elements Ace of Pentacles

  • Number: Ace (or One). Source, foundation, prime fertility. Odd
  • Suit: Coins. Wealth, abundance, growth, raw materials
  • Direction: South. Leadership, regimen, acquisition, Kronos. Midnight
  • Element: Earth. Stability, strength, reliability, responsibility, nutrients

Traditional Meaning Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles card signifies the beginning of any fortunate enterprise or undertaking. “If you do this ‘thing,’ you will get money.” This could mean buying a lottery ticket, marrying a wealthy spouse, earning a university degree, starting a new business, or taking a certain job.

The Ace of Pentacles card betokens new money, but to determine exactly where and how that money will appear, it helps to know the question asked, or have aspecting cards reveal to you their connection with this card.

The timing on Aces is usually “imminent,” with occasional exception that will be obvious in your readings; but aspecting cards can and will narrow down the time frame in exact proportion to your familiarity with your cards and the exact specifics of the question asked.

Ace of Pentacles Reversed Meaning:

Delays in getting paid, missed opportunities, not getting the “big raise,” being written out of the inheritance, warning not to speculate or gamble, time to conserve your money.

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