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Tarot card meanings: Ace of Wands

One of the questions new students of the tarot—and anyone who buys, found, or was given a deck, has is “what does this stupid card mean anyway?” There are endless articles, blog posts, and social media tidbits floating around. But who is right?

Who can you trust when everyone is an author these days? (See the sheer number of 99 cent ebooks promising to teach you the tarot in ten minutes or less).

Here is what we think, and why you will find it valuable, accurate, and reliable. I have been reading cards for over 40 years, and teaching beginners and professionals for almost 30 years. I have worked with hundreds of the world’s best tarot readers. What you read below is the culmination of experience and wisdom of real professionals — people charging well over $200 an hour for readings. These concise card-meanings will help you become a better reader instantly.

But, if you want to become a truly great tarot reader, sign up for our 100% free course on tarot card meanings. Or . . . you can sign up with any of the other “tarot schools” who will happily charge you around $300 for this information.