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This week’s lessons

Well, we have one up. Sorry… It was supposed to be more but making websites is HARD! (Oh whaahh…) So I will be adding more lesson articles (short 500-700 word lessons) next week. I am working on the new deck today. Oh, and please tell a friend about our free tarot lessons. GET A TAROT BUDDY TODAY!

This week’s podcast

Wow, so we are already into episode two! This time we tackle those pesky court cards. Well they will never bother you again! Spend an hour with us and take notes! Best to listen to twice (if you can; it is still a bit rough around the edges). Let us know what you are having trouble with and we will find ways to help you master it!

Recent blog posts

At the moment the blog simply points to the Advanced Tarot Secrets blog posts. It does have some valuable information for beginners, intermediate students, and some astrological information. But I promise to clean it all up with new posts relevant to your needs, with tips and tricks on reading for clients in the real world.

Latest interview!

We are waiting on an interview with Mary K. Greer, author of several tarot books and Judika Illes, metaphysical scholar and author of several books of her own. In the meantime, if you missed our first interview with Kipling West, my tarot BFF and the genius behind the Halloween Tarot please check it out.

Random fun link(s)

This week’s random happy fun links are to the Pagan Hooligans podcast (very popular couple who chronicle their very beginnings on the path) and the Witches BrewHaHa podcast. Velma ROCKS!


Anti-Black Friday Sale     (which is not really a “sale” at all)

In the support of the Occupy stance against corporate greed we are offering our very first “nothing for sale” day! You are probably bombarded with sales messages from everyone and their dog today so I am proclaiming that if you buy NOTHING from us today you will get a free 30-minute private tarot or astrology lesson from me if you have reviewed the book on Amazon, by say… How’s Sunday at midnight? So spend freely, but spend your money somewhere else today! We are here to help you learn! (email me by Sunday)

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