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This week’s lessons

This week is *all about spreads.* Spreads are the road maps of the tarot, they are little organizational charts. They help you attach specific areas of life to the card meanings. You don’t need to know a LOT of spreads. You do need to know a few spreads that work for you, and when to use them. Take notes! Ask questions!

This week’s podcast

In this episode we tackle the inner secrets of the Celtic Cross. So you can read a card—so can anyone else! But once you know how cards interact within a spread . . . It’s like kids playing in a sandbox, who gets along? Who fights? Cards in position actually change other cards! Did you know that? Have your cards on hand!

Recent blog posts

Special post on a secret technique (that is rather obvious once you figure it out) on how to quickly and easily master the Celtic Cross once and for all. This blog post ties in with this week’s podcast. The other two blog posts are important as well, but do the spread one first!

Latest interview!

Mary K. Greer, author of several tarot books sat down & answered YOUR QUESTIONS! Please take a few minutes and read the advice from one of the leading tarot authors. Mary writes more books than you have probably read and she is available to teach you one-on-one (for only $150 an hour)!

Random fun link(s)

http://home.comcast.net/~vilex/ OMG, this site is a treasure of Rider Waite scandal! Beware, this page gets tedious but it has so much valuable information on the scoundrels and screw jobs of the tarot in the 20th century. Also: the best tarot magazine—EVER!! in PDF form as it is old and out of date—and free! (right-click to save)


Fun Christmas homework!

Okay, listen to the podcast! You have homework! Everyone gets to make up tarot Christmas cards. Live with a buncha right-wing super xians? Give your tarot Christmas card to a friend! Send me pics of your cards! I want proof. If you do this I (er . . . “Santa”) will give you goodies (next year). The image has to match the meaning of the holiday wish you bestow (the caption you write inside the card) and that has to match the person you give it to. Examples are in the podcast. This is fun homework, please do it!

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