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This week’s lessons

This week we have only one new lesson, and that is because it is such a doozy. The homework above is this week’s lesson on how to use the tarot to GET STUFF (and get rid of it) and not just divine the future. Divination is not fatalistic and this week’s lesson helps you see how you can break any patterns or habits you do not like.

This week’s podcast

In this episode we open the doors just a crack to see what goes on inside the apprentice training. By the way, this is not a sales pitch; by the time you read this it will probably be Yule and it will be too late to become my apprentice. But it is a short and lively discussion on reversals, with a few minor rants. All around tarot fun!

Recent blog posts

Three new tarot exercises this week! We thought we’d change it up a bit. Most lessons you get involve looking at a card and trying to figure out what it indicates or having to memorize an outdated meaning some old  dead guy wrote back when they still thought the world was flat! Hold on to your hat. These are FUN! And unique.

Latest interview!

Melanie Marquis! Melanie is a wonderful witch and she does the calendars for Llewellyn! (Well, she does some of the work, I doubt she has to print each one by herself). Anyway she is a Llewellyn author and a rising star. She was kind enough to sit down and let me pester her with silly questions. Please check her out!

Random fun link(s)

Llewellyn.com! Now you may be asking, “Why would I want to go to Lewellyn’s website? I just buy their books! (If not, you should see what they have.) They have classics by Ray Buckland and Scott Cunningham and all kinds of magical goodies. It is a very happy place where you can just explore and poke around, seeing what the happy world of spellcasting holds. Worth the trip. Really.


Fun Christmas homework!#2

Well, I hope you all had fun making Christmas Tarot Greeting Cards! Now this week we are making a manifestation spread! This is super-easy and no stress homework. I will go deep into tarot manifestation in February, but for now this is a fun way to make 2012 your best year ever! We are using the basic Celtic Cross spread in a new way to focus your mental, and psychic energies on your goals all year AND activate “divine assistance” to speed you on your way to getting everything you want—and removing what you DON’T!

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Sad note: Scott Cunningham is with us, but no longer in physical body. His genius made magic fun. I hope you will check out his amazing books, especially his magical herbal encyclopedia.