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This week’s lesson

Trudy’s Health spread. Trudy has been a student of mine for a while and has also become one of my tarot apprentices. While I personally like this spread and have found the results quite interesting, and according to her work: accurate in her life, this spread is for study purposes only. Always, always, seek professional medical advice.

This week’s podcasts  (yes–two!)

Sorry for the delay. The holidays really slowed things down, and it took a few tries to get a discussion that was both helpful and entertaining. We once again go into reversals (we did this in podcast #4). Reversals confound people so this is an extra lesson in how they might apply in real-life situations. First of two episodes.

Recent blog posts

Advanced Tarot Secrets blog. With everything going on I have not added any new blog posts in the past week or two. New deck coming out, apprentices to teach, private readings, private lessons (and yes, I am still available for one-on-one tarot lessons, but be prepared to learn a LOT in our session). Woof! I am busy! :-)

Latest interview!

Judika Illes!! Yes, Judika found time in her super-busy schedule to yap with us! Judika is one of the most prolific and beloved pagan authors of our time. Judika knows more about real magic (the stuff that actually gets results) than most people on the planet. Here she reveals some candid secrets from her past.

Random fun link(s)

Judika Illes! No kidding: This is her (brand new) home site and you really need to check it out. She has details on her books, herbs and stones (how to use them), saints and spirits, news on pagan events she has attended, and as time goes on ever so much more. I am making it this week’s happy fun link because it is worth bookmarking.


The new deck is done!

The new deck is done. Twenty years of research and maturation has culminated in the deck finally finding completion. There are still small details to do: artistic touch-ups, finishing the workbook and other explanatory texts, the processes of building new sites, blogs, podcasts to accompany the deck, and of course manufacturing and the all-important LWB that is ubiquitous to every new deck that comes out. Therefore this week’s lessons will be short. Not to worry though as we will have much much more for you as we progress.

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