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This week’s lesson

This lesson rocks! Seriously; this is a preview of just one of the advanced techniques you will read in the forthcoming book: Advanced Tarot Secrets. In this lesson I give you the basics, but you should be able to figure it out easily enough if you have the basic book. This is the secret of the pros. Now you know too! (free)

This week’s podcast

Finally a *fun* podcast again! Kristin and I sit down for a friendly chat of two-card pairings. We bind two cards together to create various meanings. We wanted to avoid highly personal issues that would be of little interest to anyone so as usual we picked on celebrities because they have more money than us :-D

Recent blog posts

Advanced Tarot Secrets blog. With everything going on I have not added any new blog posts in the past week or two. New deck coming out, apprentices to teach, private readings, private lessons (and yes, I am still available for one-on-one tarot lessons, but be prepared to learn a LOT in our session). Woof! I am busy! :-)

Latest interview!

Grr . . .!!

I have been waiting for three weeks on the video tarot lady to do the interview. Oh well, sorry, maybe next time. But we still have Judika’s rocking interview from last time!

Random fun link(s)

PaganSpace! Paganspace is like “MySpace” (OMG does anyone remember that?) Except is was not bought out by FOX. It is a fun place where you can find pagan stuff and a lot of ads, very silly people who spam-post images everywhere, and generally have a good time. This is a MUST SEE site, despite its minor flaws.


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The new deck art is currently being refined, so expect that to be done in the next few months. Now is the time to master the tarot. Everything on this site is free, but if you want to become a great reader, fast, please consider signing up for private lessons. I am exploring group lessons and tarot videos (a few free, and some paid), but nothing beats one-on-one instruction. As soon as the new deck is done I will be teaching that, so I will probably not be available for much longer. Just so you know. Here are the testimonials (judge for yourself).

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