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Eight of Pentacles Description

The Eight of Pentacles depicts a young man carefully taps a large pentagram into a gold coin. He seems to enjoy his job, but his focus is on his precision, on the task at hand. Mounted on the wall next to him are several finished coins, and others rest on the ground next to him.

He wears the apron of a trained apprentice, revealing his basic skill in workmanship. His work space is free of clutter, reducing any distractions from his work.

His labors are regular and repetitive, making this a fixed card.

Prime Elements of Eight of Pentacles

  • Number: Eight. Routine, endless repetition, penance, practice, training. Even
  • Suit: Coins. Basic employment, apprenticeship, artisans, construction. A Mint
  • Direction: Northeast. Job security, financial sector work, factory. Mid-morning
  • Element: Earth. Economic growth (public), arts and crafts, small business

Traditional Meaning: Eight of Pentacles

“Work, work, work.” The Eight of Pentacles card can mean many things. At first blush, it reveals an apprentice, or one whose level of skill is worthy of employment, but not such that they are an artiste, or a master, capable of opening up their own shop. That leads the Eight of Pentacles card to be an indicator of a job, or simple gainful employment, even if that job lasts twenty years.

The Eight of Pentacles card also indicates an artisan, or craftsman who specializes in a certain area of service or manufacture. In this case, the Eight of Pentacles card shows us a physical artist, a true artisan, or a skilled specialist in physical matters (e.g., construction, auto mechanic, engineer, etc.).

Finally, the alternate aspect of the apprentice is one who studies, meaning a student of a vocational school, or the act of attending “adult education” to better oneself. Look to aspecting cards first.

Traditional Reversed Meaning:

The Eight of Pentacles in the reversed position signifies sloth, laziness, inattentiveness at school, not applying oneself, being late for work, unreliable, unemployment.

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