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Five of Pentacles Description

The Five of Pentacles depicts a destitute woman and a leper (notice the bell around his neck) struggle through a snowstorm at night just outside the foot-thick towering stone walls of a fortress-like church, whose magnificent buttressed stained-glass window radiates brightly with the proclamation that all is well in the “house of God.” 

No one comes out to greet them, no door stands open to welcome them in to the warmth and “compassion” of religion.

This is the institution of religion failing, as it caters to its own wealth at the expense of the downtrodden it claims to serve. This is the destruction of the bonds of society.

Prime Elements of Five of Pentacles

  • Number: Five. Duality of essence; chaos and structure, lies and machinations. Odd
  • Suit: Coins. Corporate spirituality, religion for sale, devastation, false gods
  • Direction: West-Northwest. Illness, financial insolvency, despair. Early afternoon
  • Element: Earth. Health issues, homelessness, eviction, lack of opportunity or ability

Five of Pentacles Traditional Meaning

This is a very unpleasant side of any society. The five of pentacles card addresses poverty, homelessness, lack of health and health insurance.

The five of pentacles card signifies a lack of ability to pay one’s way in life after a tragedy. It shows the physical and emotional despair of ruin and the view of much of society that the poor are merely indolent, lazy, and deserve their fate. 

The Five of Pentacles card reflects more than a simple lack of funds. It reveals a lack of compassion, and a refusal to assist those in need, whether they brought their afflictions upon themselves, or they are victims of the abuse of others.

All in all, the five of pentacles card is one of loss and despair. If the five of pentacles card comes up in a reading, look to aspecting cards to determine causes and solutions, or prevention.

Five of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Materialism to the point of spiritual starvation and disconnect. Wealth at the cost of lasting happiness and any of the virtues. False gods or spiritual leaders, cults.

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