Four of Cups — Rider Deck Blue Box

Four of Cups — Rider Deck Blue Box

Four of Cups Description: A young man sits discontentedly under the shade of a tree on a pleasant day. Before him are three cups he can choose from, and if that weren’t enough, flying in the face of all probability, a fairy hand reaches out from a conveniently placed nearby cloud to offer him a “wish cup” of whatever he desires. Yet he resists, arms crossed in passive defiance. Or perhaps, like too many of us, he is merely asleep at the time, not realizing what wonders he is missing out on. Absolutely fixed. Our friend would not budge if the world stopped spinning suddenly. “S-s-some men, you just can’t reach . . .”

Prime elements at work in this card

  • Number: Four. Resoluteness, emotional fortress, resistance, walls. Even
  • Suit: Despondence, unmet needs, withdrawal, silence
  • Direction: Southwest. Secrecy, inability to “open up.” Evening.
  • Element: Water. Things hidden, depth of thought, meditation, astral travel

Traditional Meaning

Traditional meaning: Immovable object—Discontent (phase). Malcontent (person). It is hard to be this disappointed with life, but some people find ways to become so. This card represents resistance to any help, advice, compassion, charity, or compromise. This is more than unhappiness. This is a solid wall one builds up around themselves and shuts the world out. It is absolute refusal to listen to, interact with, or even recognize the efforts of others. The subtext of this card is that everything has been offered to the person this card represents. Therefore, this card is supremely dependent on associated cards for causality. One cannot reach this state of withdrawal without reason or circumstance. Look closely for these reasons before offering up solutions.

Traditional reversed meaning:

Traditional reversed meaning: This is still not the most pleasant card, but it can indicate “coming out of one’s shell,” or a release from despondence and an ending of hiding away from the world.

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