“It’s good to be the king!” The smugness of the Knight of Pentacles is only outclassed by the man who invented smugness.

Truly, the only thing better than being young, handsome, and wealthy (for a man) is to be young, handsome, wealthy, and in charge.

The man before you has no problems with his wealth; no problems with how he got his money, and no problems with how he uses it to get what he wants.

The King of Pentacles card shows us that wealth and power may not be everything in life, but that they sure go a long way in the eyes of one who knows how to enjoy, and enforce his will through, them.

Prime Elements in King of Pentacles

  • Status: King. Boss, overlord, alpha male, landlord, tycoon, industrialist
  • Suit: Coins. King-maker, investor, corporate officer, banker, consultant
  • Direction: South. Yule, Oak king. Conservative, tradition. Midnight
  • Element: Earth. Prudence, predictability, patience, stability, fiscal responsibility

King of Pentacles Traditional Meaning

Any wealthy man. Also: Men of power, prestige, authority, confident, or stubborn, especially men associated with land and real estate.

Astrologically: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. The King of Pentacles card most often indicates corporate executives, businessmen, investors, kings, and men directly involved with finance and the details of funding projects.

As an effect or a result: more than simple success in business, absolute dominance of your niche market. Wise counsel from experienced men who want to see you succeed. Patience is needed in matters of finance at this time.

The King of Pentacles also indicates the wheels of industry moving, but the wheels are large and elephantine, moving slowly due to the massive amount of resources and human factors that need to be brought in line.

King of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

A wasteful, small-minded, arrogant man. “Small” man’s syndrome. Petulance. Stubborn, rude, elitist, tyrannical, or bullying cretin.

Alternately: loss of power, status, money, health.

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