King of Swords Description: The King of Swords stares right out of the card at us. He is the only one to do so. He is challenging us, inspecting us. While other kings focus on what is most important to them in their realms, this man stares us down as if we are a part of his realm. His sword is held at a relaxed angle slightly off of the vertical, indicating that he is not as uptight as his wife. He waits for us to make the next move.

This energy of this card is fixed, not hesitant in any way, but unlike the Knight, the King has the wisdom to observe before taking action.

Prime elements at work in this card

  • Status: King. Boss, overlord, alpha male, doctor, police, judge
  • Suit: Swords. Establishment and established authority, “The man”
  • Direction: Southeast. Politicians and “public servants.” Late night
  • Element: Air. Clear thought, justice, “the letter of the law,” judgment

Traditional meaning: A strong leader or an authority figure, such as a police officer, lawyer, judge, businessman, military officer, corporate executive, or perhaps a stern father. Alternatively a highly intelligent professional such as a doctor, professor, scientist, or writer. Personality usually runs on the conservative side: judicious, aggressive, ambitious, reserved, distrusting of unproven ideas or people.

Astrologically: Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, as these are all Air signs.

Traditional reversed meaning: A patient man with a cruel, calculating mind. Criminal mastermind or ringleader. Iron-fisted tyrant. Dictator.

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