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Knight of Pentacles Description

A young knight sits comfortably on his steed, scowling at something off in the distance. His mount’s reins are pulled tightly, holding his horse in place with his left hand.

His right holds up a coin, as if to show his possession of it to whomever or whatever he is glaring at disdainfully. The Knight of Pentacles is sending a strong message. He is prepared to ride long distances and fight toe-to-toe for his cause, but by reining his horse in, refusing to advance a step, he is demanding his audience to approach him on his terms. 

This stoic “take it or leave it” attitude is fortified by his possession of the coin (“He who has the gold makes the rules”).

Prime Elements in Knight of Pentacles

  • Status: Knight. Youthful, warrior, bravado, manager, protector, commander
  • Suit: Coins. Financial offer or assistance, business travel, loan officer
  • Direction: Northeast. Reliability, practicality, sensuality, common sense. Mid-morning
  • Element: Earth. Persistence, patience, waiting, ambition, duty, honor, resilience

Knight of Pentacles Traditional Meaning

Unlike other Knights whose testosterone levels force them to initiate action, this man’s same biochemicals create a smugness and bravado that challenges others to bend to his will by taking action that he finds amusing, or acceptable.

His confidence is rooted in his possessions, his inherent obstinance, and his readiness to wait out any situation until he finds circumstances to his liking. 

The Knight of Pentacles card shows a stubbornness in people, or refusal to budge, or compromise that is both the hallmark of great leadership and the cause of many of society’s ills. The Knight of Pentacles card allows no compromise.

When you see the Knight of Pentacles card, the person it represents is saying, “Come and get it. I dare you.” But the subtle inflection underneath is that things will progress at their comfort level, and only in the manner they desire.

Knight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Complete lack of self-control. Weakness. Inability to stand up for oneself. Foolishness with money and resources.

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