Knight of Swords Description

The Knight of Swords card shows a young man pushing his horse hard across rough terrain. His well-trained horse is terrified, and is more concerned about what is on top of him than what lies before him. None of this matters to the myopic knight as he sees only his rage and desire for vengeance.

His red cape of valor and helmet plume of righteous indignation broadcast his impatience to see justice (at the edge of a sword) done “now!” Even the sky is angry.

The Knight of Swords may be the angriest card of the Tarot. It is full of youthful impetuousness, testosterone, and zeal. It is more cardinal than thou.

Prime Elements in Knight of Swords

  • Status: Knight. Youthful, warrior, vehemence, daring, rush of testosterone
  • Suit: Swords. Aggression, haste, fearlessness, force of will
  • Direction: West. Challenge, sense of duty, honor, military code. Sunset
  • Element: Air. Strong winds, hurricanes, tornadoes. Birds of prey

Traditional Knight of Swords Meaning

Unstoppable force.

Young alpha male: active, decisive, even overbearing sometimes. Fearless. Natural born leader, or one thrust into it by circumstance. Either way though, things will happen “his way.”

The Knight of Swords also shows a man who is quick to act, and often just as quick to leave, as well. Even so, this person will almost always have a certain charisma that draws others to him like flies to honey. 

As a character or personality trait, the Knight of Swords card reveals extreme courage in the face of danger, or the act of violently forcing others to conform to one’s personal beliefs. This can be either verbal or physical.

Also: rushing heedlessly into action or rescue from peril.

Reversed Knight of Swords Meaning

The Knight of Swords when reversed can mean negative aspects of the above—bully, abusive, quick to anger, loud, someone with a large personal collection of weapons, instigator, loudmouth, impatience, lack of foresight, religious fervor, zealot.

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