Knight of Wands Description

As “Mister Adventure”, The Knight of Wands is shown rearing his horse up on two legs. This controlled maneuver requires a lot of training between rider and mount, and is a highly symbolic announcement of action before action. It is also grandstanding. His feathers are symbolic of the fiery sexual energy that burns through his entire being. He is ever the “knight in shining armor” charging off to some adventure or danger to embrace. Something big is about to happen. This card is testosterone feeding the brain. The result is a need for action, danger, and fun.

Prime Elements Knight of Wands

  • Status: Knight. Youthful, warrior, bravado, adventure, danger, machismo
  • Suit: Wands. Action, adventure, vitality, competition, masculinity
  • Direction: South-Southwest. Zealotry, travel, promiscuity. Late night
  • Element: Fire. Aggression, ambition, leadership, energy, drive, testosterone

Knight of Wands Traditional Meaning

“No time for explanations! We have to move now! . . . Okay, maybe a quick explanation, but then we have to take action!” The Knight of Wnds is a card of rallying. Swift, sudden movement, decisive action, high adventure, sudden movement (especially “road trips”), impromptu vacations, hyperactivity, active, danger-seeking young men, “the hunt.”

Occasionally this card pairs with the 6 of Swords or The Chariot to indicate travel, or relocation. This card can also be used to signify a young man with red hair or an aggressive/impulsive personality, should you wish to do so.

Knight of Wands Reversed Meaning

Charging ahead without forethought. Impulsive behavior (usually detrimental), uncontrolled anger or sexual desires, bullying, domineering young “alpha” males. Also: abruptness of personality, rudeness, bad planning, grandstanding, attention-getting antics of little useful value. Need for public attention and validation.

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