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Nine of Pentacles Description

A finely dressed woman lounges in the vineyard of her estate, surrounded by ripe, succulent fruits, more wealth than she can even care about, and her pet falcon. She wants for nothing. Wealth to her is nothing more than an assumed way of life.

There is no other existence she can imagine, so she doesn’t waste her valuable time dreaming up the impossible, or the nonsensical. She has her passions (falconing) and her bountiful garden of grapes that is the envy of everyone she knows. What else could anyone ever ask for, or need from life?

Her decadence is unquestionable, and her lifestyle is fixed.

Prime Elements of Nine of Pentacles

  • Number: Nine. Fruition of goals, retirement, “end of the rainbow.” Odd
  • Suit: Coins. Financial independence, “kept (man or) woman,” farm or vineyard
  • Direction: Northeast. Luxury, sensualism, nature, passions, beauty. Mid-morning
  • Element: Earth. Self-made people, druids, estate lands, easy life, hedonism

Nine of Pentacles Traditional Meaning

This is a kept woman. Of course, the Nine of Pentacles card is applicable to either gender, and people of any age, as long as they are among the idle rich, or merely serenely content with the wealth they do possess, their passions, and their ease of life. 

This extremely fortunate card betokens material success to the point of leisurely inactivity. But this is more than simply having money.

The Nine of Pentacles card is about enjoying your passions in life, and having an ease of existence so that you can chase your dreams, and not have to put up with the drudgery of everyday life that the rest of the population of Earth has to contend with, no matter how wealthy they are. This is life as a permanent vacation, no matter what your status otherwise.

Traditional Reversed Meaning

When the Nine of Pentacles card is reversed, it shows what we are missing out on. “All work and no play . . .” leads to a life of work, and possibly wealth and power, but to what end?

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