Nine of Swords Description

The Nine of swords depicts a person sits up in bed, having woken from a horrible dream only to find that the bed they have made for themselves is steeped in violence and bloodshed. 

The blanket that covers them is decorated with roses intermittent with the symbols of the zodiac. Many swords loom overhead, but unlike Damocles, they do not point directly at her. The part of the bed frame that lies exposed shows a woodcut of one man running through another with a sword in the forest.

As a reaction to events already passed, or of even worse to come, this card is mutable.

Nine of Swords Prime Elements

  • Number: Nine. Culmination, subconscious mind saturation, overwhelming fear. Odd
  • Suit: Swords. Emotional pain, fear, worry, implied threats, nightmares, regrets
  • Direction: North-Northeast. Over-analyzing, anxiety. Late morning
  • Element: Air. Uncertainty, difficulty breathing, banshees, insomnia

Nine of Swords Traditional Meaning

Anxiety, concern over matters that seem to be out of your control, nightmares, and sleepless nights, or inability to sleep due to a physical condition.

Overwhelming stress, despair over events passed or yet to come (compare this to your client’s question), emotional pain, even general paranoia. Worries may be unfounded. You will have to sort through the reading to find if this is the case or not.

The Nine of Swords is a card of culmination: these feelings did not simply appear from “nowhere.” Look for the root causes of this effect to locate the solution.

Occasionally the Nine of Swords card may even represent an uncomfortable bed or sleeping arrangement.

Nine of Swords Reversed Meaning

The Nine of Swords in the reversed position can mean Emotional release. Letting go of old pain and moving on. A release of tension that you can physically feel. You have endured great stresses and now the causes of those are being lifted. It’s time to forget the past and create new, better memories.

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