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Page of Pentacles Description

 A young squire stands in a lush, green meadow overlooking carefully worked farm lands. The fertile soil is rich, moist, and capable of providing generations of various crops if tended with care. From all accounts, that is the course of action.

The squire here represents the newest generation of estate lords who are custodians of this area, and his poetic stance and worshipful gaze at the coin he holds with absolute reverence indicate his fascination with his lot in life. His reverence for his trade creates a spiritual resonance in him that will one day translate into the work he applies to these lands.

Prime elements of Page of Pentacles

  • Status: Page. Apprentice, assistant, student, youth, messenger
  • Suit: Coins. Contract, promotion, raise, new job, financial plan
  • Direction: South. School tuition, loans, grants (etc.), thrift, ability to budget. Midnight
  • Element: Earth. Good news financially, small budgets or profits, “nest egg”

Page of Pentacles Traditional Meaning

Pages are meant to illustrate many things. As a person, it can show a young boy or girl of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn). It can also show someone one who is deeply in love with money and luxuries.

As a message, it bears small tidings of money, usually news of a raise, a bonus, a gift, or a refund. But it can also indicate the act of study (or economics, accounting, banking, or any of the financial sciences), or even tuition money for school, as Pages can represent students learning their trade.

Compare the Page of Pentacles card directly to the question at hand, and look for aspecting cards to indicate exactly what the message is here, as all of the Page cards are highly dependent on other cards to give them clarity of meaning.

Page of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

 (Minor) bad news financially or small loss of income or savings. One who spends far too easily with no appreciation for the efforts required to earn money. Not getting paid.

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