Page of Swords Description

Depicted in the Page of Swords card, a young squire stands on a small mound of “high ground” practicing with his sword on a windy day. He looks dead into the wind daring someone—anyone—to attack his position.

His stance is relaxed and practiced, for he has undergone years of training to become proficient with his sword, and now he faces an imaginary foe for his next duel. His clothes are light and his hair is pulled back. He has come prepared for this day’s activities.

The Page of Swords card is active and cardinal, but not overly powerful. It is still “in training.”

Prime Elements of Page of Swords

  • Status: Page. Apprentice, assistant, student, youth, messenger
  • Suit: Swords. Defensiveness, verbal abuse, bad news
  • Direction: West. Debate, opinionated, devil’s advocate. Early evening
  • Element: Air. Exchange of ideas, important news, urgent messages

Page of Swords Traditional Meaning

As representative of a person, the Page of Swords card indicates a young boy or girl, or a student, either of the qualities of the suit of Swords (rash, loud, defensive, angry, potentially violent), or of the element of Air (intelligent, studious, [hyper] active, razor wit). 

If the Page of Swords card indicates a message, expect the wording to be sharp and pointed, like unpleasant news, or something delivered with disdain.

When the Page of Swords card indicates a situation or a state of being, it reflects the act of taking the moral high ground, vehemently arguing a point, speaking from a platform (teaching, lecturing), or preaching. It does not indicate a “war of words,” but rather a spirited exchange (unless negatively aspected).

Page of Swords Reversed Meaning

In the reversed position, the Page of Swords implies a self-righteousness, or demeaning manner, poor communications, ill-chosen words leading to arguments, impatience, demotion, evisceration, irrationality, brat.

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