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Page of Wands Card Meaning


Page of Wands Description

The Page of Wands depicts a young man dressed in the royal court’s yellow tunic holds up a staff for inspection. 

Overall, he looks to be pretty satisfied with his find. His stance and attire indicate a relaxed state, prior to a journey or adventure. The feather in his cap tells us that he is indeed at the beginning of his journey through life, but is schooled and experienced (at least enough to warrant the feather). 

Do notice though how his feather is just a lick of flame. This card is cardinal as it is instigatory, representing initiations, arrivals, or “edges of.”

Prime Elements at Work

  • Status: Page. Apprentice, attendant, student, youth, messenger
  • Suit: Wands. Action, adventure, vitality, competition, verbal challenges
  • Direction: East. General beginnings, taunts or threats. Early morning, dawn
  • Element: Fire. Aggression, ambition, leadership, budding energy

Page of Wands Meaning

Pages are “catch-all” cards in readings. Most often this Page of Wands is used to indicate a male baby, or a young boy or girl with blonde hair. It can also indicate a young boy or girl of a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), news of, or an invitation to, a new adventure, or even the study (apprenticeship) of an active or dangerous field of employment (firefighting, police work, sports, military school, etc.).

If this Page of Wands shows up in a reading strongly associated with an Ace or a Queen, it often portends a birth. If this Page of Wands shows up in connection with The Empress, it almost assuredly represents pregnancy with a male child, or a baby who will be one of the Fire signs. 

Page of Wands Reversed Meaning

Unhappy news suddenly, arguments, unruly children, mild danger (if regarding any of the employment listed above), problems with pregnancy or small children. Rebel or minor rebellion. Also: Impotence.

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