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Super advanced professional tarot reader (and metaphysical adept) note: In feminine suits, the queen outranks the king. If you have no idea what I am referring to, you need to get your butt in a seat in a real metaphysical academy.

Queen of Pentacles Description

Depicted in the Queen of Pentacles, our Queen sits comfortably on her elaborately carved throne, gazing down at her exceptionally large gold coin, enjoying the weight and feel of it.

She is surrounded on all sides by lush flowers and vines; life explodes around her in full bloom, and even a rabbit (symbol of fertility of womb and her land) scampers by happily. 

For all of this, however, her communion with her coin is so powerfully hypnotic that she is lost to the rest of the world. Her entire essence is drinking in its virtues through all of her highly acute senses. She is at peace, and the world around her is at peace through that.

Prime Elements of Queen of Pentacles

  • Status: Queen. Mother, boss, nurturer, business woman, public figure, woman
  • Suit: Coins. Wealthy woman, manager, financier, matron, materialism
  • Direction: Northeast. Emotional stability, kindness, possessiveness. Morning
  • Element: Earth. Beltane, fertility, nursery (plants), nursery (children), maid

Traditional Queen of Pentacles Meaning

Folklore tells us that the king and the land are one. This is no less true of the ruling queen.

The woman in the Queen of Pentacles card is no dainty waif who happened upon a wealthy prince. She is the embodiment of the earth and the essence of fertility. 

The Queen of Pentacles card can be used astrologically (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), or it can represent a woman of patience and common sense, one who is attuned with nature, a florist or farmer, animal-rights activist, a warm, caring, maternal, authority figure, nurse, doctor, teacher, or any wealthy woman over 30.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles Meaning

As character traits—Selfish woman, impatient and demanding, elitist; scornful of others, especially those she considers inferiors. Shamelessly materialistic. Evil boss. Gold digger. Alternately, as an effect or event: a loss of social or financial status, “falling from grace,” feminine health issues (see a doctor now), abandonment by husband, loss of stability, “having your world turned upside down.”

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