Queen of Wands Description

The Queen of Wands sits on her throne gazing off at some unknown point of interest, delicately holding aloft a sunflower in her left hand, and her staff of ruler-ship in her right. A mangy black cat sits before her like a guardian.

The Queen of Wands is a queen whose passion is ruling, not intrigue and scandal. She rules comfortably from her stone throne and aspires to oneness with nature. She will always connect more to her animal side than her anima or any plant she cares for. She is fixed in her ways, as they work well for her kingdom.

Prime Elements of Queen of Wands

  • Status: Queen. Mother, boss, athlete, entrepreneur, coach, woman
  • Suit: Wands. Action, adventure, vitality, competition
  • Direction: Northwest. Honor, nobility, reliability. Mid-afternoon
  • Element: Fire. Radiance, warmth, nobility, leadership, energy

Queen of Wands Traditional meaning

There are several ways to read the Queens. For ease and consistency (as well as accuracy), we strongly recommend the following. Queen of Wands: Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius woman. Primary characteristics are courage, assertiveness, confidence, often open and friendly, outgoing, adventurous, honest, frank, resolute, reliable, hard working. Also could be used for any self-assured, pleasant woman, preferably with a strong fondness for animals and nature. Possible tomboy.

Queen of Wands Reversed Meaning

Same woman: (could be any of the following) Impatient, demanding, self-obsessed, intolerant, angry, flaky, drama queen, commanding or bossy, tactless, unfeminine, headstrong, tyrannical, fixed opinions.

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