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Seven of Pentacles Description

A young man rests on his hoe, staring down despondently at the crop he has grown from seed. The harvest this year is beyond excellent. Large, full, rich leaves reveal the health of the stalk beneath, and bright golden disks grow in tight clusters, but for all of that the results seem disappointing to him, as if he dreams of life as an acrobat rather than a farmer, even a farmer of gold coins.

The Seven of Pentacles card is proof that if money really did grow on trees, someone would still wish they were strawberries.

The Seven of Pentacles card is the result, or yield of previous actions, therefore, it is mutable.

His labors are regular and repetitive, making this a fixed card.

Prime Elements of Seven of Pentacles

  • Number: Seven. Realization, rest, overview, rewards and results. Odd
  • Suit: Coins. Successful harvest, questionable results, high expectations
  • Direction: West-Northwest. Disappointment, analysis, servile labor. Early afternoon
  • Element: Earth. Fertility, unexpected pregnancy, indecision, slow or steady growth

Seven of Pentacles Traditional Meaning

No matter how good your situation may look to others, or even how comfortable and entertaining it may actually be, it is simply not for you.

Your heart is not in your work. The Seven of Pentacles card shows a boring job, or one that has become boring, if it ever had any gleam and luster to begin with.

Daydreaming of distant places and adventures to be found there comes easily now, often to the cost of the quality of work you do right now. It’s time for a change. Time to leave the nest and take risks, see the world and sample its varied pleasures. This place has nothing left for you.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Reversed, the Seven of Pentacles card indicates that you are missing the point—you have something worthwhile, something you will miss dearly if you let it die off, or walk away from.

Before you neglect what you have into obscurity, you should take some time and think very seriously and carefully about your next move.

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