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Six of Pentacles Description

Depicted in the Six of pentacles card, a man holds a scale in his left, or sinister, hand while dispensing alms to a pair of men unable to earn their way through life at this time.

He is bathed in red: his hat of decisive action, his robe of purpose, his collar of vociferous piety, his leggings of applied effort, and his belt of self-discipline. 

His own robe is threadbare and fraying from much use, and his tunic is as white and pure as his motives. He acts independently, without the need of praise, sanction, nor accolades of any temple or government.

He is his own authority, which lends him the autonomy of being cardinal.

Prime Elements of Six of Pentacles

  • Number: Six. Sharing, balance, give and take, equilibrium, social responsibility. Even
  • Suit: Coins. Charity, community investment, public policy, welfare, loans
  • Direction: South. Decision-making ability, scholarships and grants, lottery. Midnight
  • Element: Earth. Second chances, balanced thought, karma, careful decision

Six of Pentacles Traditional Meaning

The Six of Pentacles card illustrates a good person and a solid citizen. This person contributes more to society than their labors, or their DNA (offspring), and the taxes they pay for the public good.

They take action on their own initiative to help those in need, create art and gardens for the public, clean up their neighborhoods, and in other ways make their area more livable. 

The Six of Pentacles card also refers to the act of charity, or selfless giving, stopping to help someone, or the giving and receiving of presents.

Six of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Individual selfishness and narcissism. The person or action indicated are so concerned with their own well-being that they refuse to look out for the needs of others unless it benefits them directly somehow, usually insisting on payment before any services are rendered.

That makes the six of pentacles the card of the scam; also blackmail, or extortion. 

If the six ofpentacles card comes up reversed, look at aspecting cards to see if your client is being pressured or deceived.

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