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Six of Swords Card Meaning

The Six of Swords card meaning represents journey by water. This could be a move or a vacation, but given the nature of the suit of Swords, this would more often point to an escape, or separation (from an abusive spouse for example), or a relocation from a poor economy or other harsh environments to safer locales.

The Six of Swords is similar to the 8 of Cups, except that (aside from a journey over water versus land) this image implies leaving in something of a hurry, and things left behind. In the 8 of Cups the man has set his affairs in order before skipping town.

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Six of Swords Description

When examining the Six of Swords Card Meaning, a ferryman poles his skiff across a short distance of water. His cargo today is a woman and her child, leaving for the distant shore. The water on his right is choppy and agitated, but the waters on his left are placid all the way to his destination. 

The swords in the boat coupled with the woman’s hunched over, hooded countenance in contrast to the ferryman’s light clothing indicate her taking flight from oppression. Vaguely reminiscent of Charon of Greek mythology who ferried the recently dead (who could pay) safely to the lands of Hades, where all rest eventually, thus leaving discord and entering harmony.

Prime Elements at Work

  • Number: Six. Creating order from chaos. Even
  • Suit: Swords. Retreat, seeking allies, regrouping
  • Direction: North-Northeast. Short trips, sudden travel. Late morning
  • Element: Air. Change in plans, disappearing, taking flight

Special Note

One half of the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion paradigm is “the Law of Repulsion.” This card exemplifies this energy in action as the ferryman (Captain of the ship—e.g., the brain, will, magical efforts and workings, and so forth. For vastly extended information on this please consult your local mystery school or apply to ours when we are accepting students.) pushes away from the experienced* turbulence toward the calmer waters of distant shores. Motivationally speaking this is “moving away from,” whereas the other half of the law (most commonly known as “attraction” or seduction of) is “moving towards.” (Here see the hidden meaning of the 7 of Cups.)

Six of Swords Reversed Meaning

When the Six of Swords card meaning Reversed, the Journey or escape is delayed. No way out of the present situation. Being forced to endure current circumstances or make changes from within the system rather than running away. Possibly returning to the location of previous despair for whatever reasons.

When you are working your Laws of Attraction and Repulsion exercises you will find your ability to manifest your desires quickly and easily strengthened by the act of experiencing versus a simple visualization.Anything “experienced” fully will resonate a much greater force to pull or push away from, but does not need to be “physically” a reality.

By carefully developing your imaginative capacity and your skill with “visualization aids,” you will often gain the benefits of “experience” without the burden of direct active physical stimulus. 

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