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Ten of Pentacles Card Meaning


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Ten of Pentacles Description

An old man lounges in the garden of his estate in a large village. His greyhounds attend him, even as a playful young girl grabs at one’s tail. her mother chats happily with a young man armed with a spear in a wide stone arch which is, in turn, decorated with shields emblazoned with the Coats of Arms of powerful families, and a massive tapestry illustrated with a skillfully woven scene of a mountainous fortress. Life is easy, gay, and relaxed here.

The Ten of Pentacles is a card of generations of wealth compiled, and power consolidated into one strong, large family of absolute luxury. And it is a cardinal family.

Prime elements at work

  • Number: Ten. End results, system reset, sum total. Total market dominance. Even
  • Suit: Coins. Generational wealth, powerful families, empire(s), Camelot
  • Direction: South. Authority, autonomy, influence, ruling class, executives. Midnight
  • Element: Earth. Opulence, born into wealth, retirement, inheritance, corporations

Traditional meaning

Old money. The Ten of Pentacles is the estate card. This is not indicative of winning the lottery, or doing well at your job.

The Ten of Pentacles card means wealth and power that most people never visit, much less possess. The ease and comfort with wealth and power shown in this card come only from being raised in wealth, or adapting to it so completely that it becomes like a second skin.

Thus, this card best reflects a very healthy pension or a retirement in style (and then some) after a lifetime of investing one’s time and energy toward this end goal. As a location, or an entity, this can indicate any powerful family (industrial, political, or royalty), a museum, a wealthy investor for your project, or a large and luxurious house. 

As a result, it can be a bank loan or other big-project financial action. If you wanted to play the Ten of Pentacles card loose and fast, it could conceivably indicate “moving back in with mom and dad” if this interpretation was supported by aspecting cards.

Traditional Reversed meaning:

Loss of economic stability, the fall of a great house of power, infighting among insiders (in a family or business) that threatens to tear an empire apart. Living so far beyond one’s means to keep up appearances that one’s foundation is shaky.

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