The World Card — Rider Deck Blue Box

The World Card — Rider Deck Blue Box

The World Card Description

A celestial woman (goddess) dances in the air with her twin wand-candles (see The Magician), which she is the undisputed master of, not merely the possessor (also see The Magician). This is reinforced by her purple sash.

She is surrounded by a laurel of victory that is also a portal to her home dimension, or a gateway to her. Four guardians sit in attendance: angel, eagle, lion, bull, representing various character qualities as well as the elements of awareness and existence. This “audience of mythical beings” is an ancient allegory used by various religions to illustrate the value and power of the central figure at the gathering. She is obviously “above and beyond” the limitations of all earthly influence (including gravity it seems).

World Card Esoteric Interpretation

Tranquility, enlightenment, evolution. If the Buddha were a female (and one made a special guest appearance in the Lotus Sutra), this would be her. She is both source and seed, being the physical manifestation of and the spiritual essence of purity through experience and awareness.

She has completed “the circuit” and passed all judgments, tests, and has moved well beyond such mundane concepts as “testing and progress.” She simply is. This is an existence far beyond the toils of the field or the wealth of nations. This is an existence of awareness embodied in human form, free of need or desire. She is a celebration of life unchained by any restrictions.

Some have said that “the universe will not end with a bang, but with a whimper,” suggesting that life will simply die out slowly as (measurable, or ‘light’) matter is stretched too thin to support itself. Suns will consume themselves and planets will simply be rare floating cosmic debris. One of the many things they have failed to consider by use of this prognosis is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

In the very same way that “one man’s food is another’s poison,” the energy of the universe will evolve and metamorphose into something else eventually. Leaves bud, grow, drink in the light of the sun, breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, and eventually wither and die, falling to the ground, a seemingly empty husk of their glory. But to the tree who watches generations of its leaves die and fall away at its calling, these very same expressions of itself become future food for its own roots and that of its children. Nature may be rather cannibalistic, but it never “wastes.” This card represents the endless series of cycles of completion and renewal with each twirl of her double-ended candle wands. Her dance continues joyously even as the world turns, dies, and becomes something else entirely.

World Card Traditional Meaning

This is a very happy card on the physical level. At its most basic it represents the pampered and the idle rich; those wonderfully happy people born into generational wealth (see 10 of Coins) who have nothing better (or worse) to do than to play all day and wonder how they will play all night as well. It truly is “the world at your feet.” The key to this card is that it is evolution on so many levels of meaning that it can easily apply to any situation. It is extremely ambiguous and all but demands clarification by accompanying “minor” Arcana cards to give it focus.

This is another completion card, but as noted it is a card of evolution from one state to another. The alchemical correspondence is that of transmuting lead into gold. The base chemical composition is almost identical, but the elemental change is eclipsed by the perceived value change. In the same way, you stay “who you are” but become something much more valuable through this card. This is the ultimate “happily ever after” card (compare to the 10 of Cups).

Traditional Reversed Meaning

 “Leftovers again?” (or) “If I have to go back to that horrible job one more day . . .” Endless, meaningless, repetitive, redundant existence—“Every day the same thing: Breathe, breathe, breathe.” You really need a vacation right now. You are missing out on all of the fun in life. Go dancing!

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