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Three of Cups Description

Depicted in the Three of Cups card, three maidens dance happily together celebrating a good harvest. Adorned in wreaths of flowers and fruits, they gaily raise their cups high and hold bouquets of even more flowers. 

The Three of Cups card is disgustingly happy. Good friends, good food, good times, effervescent youth, and not a care in the world. Even the sky is a nauseatingly pleasant shade of baby blue.

The only way one could possibly make the Three of Cups card any happier would be to paint smiley faces all over it. The Three of Cups card is the product of earlier efforts to create a state of serenity and peace, and is mutable in energy.

Three of Cups Prime Elements

  • Number: Three. Joyful union of many. Fertility. Positive results. Odd
  • Suit: Cups. Capacity for understanding, need, desire, loyalty
  • Direction: East-Southeast. Community, sisterhood. Late-night celebrations
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    Element: Water. Felicity, emotional fulfillment, deep friendships, bonding

Three of Cups Traditional Meaning

Traditional meaning: The Three of Cups is the pregnancy card, especially with any Ace, any Page, or The Empress.

Alternately it shows celebrations and parties, close friendships, and happiness among like-minded people. If you draw the Three of Cups card, expect good things to happen.

The Three of Cups card is not the victory itself; it is the victory dance.

If following an illness or surgery, the Three of Cups card shows rapid and complete recovery. In aspect to any card it enhances the level of happiness by a factor of three.

Three of Cups Reversed

Three of Cups – The Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck

Three of Cups – The Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck

Traditional reversed meaning: If you draw the Three of Cups card reversed, simply place it back in the deck and draw another card. Obviously you have made a mistake. If you stubbornly refuse to admit making a mistake, look carefully at the surrounding and aspecting cards in relation to this card.

When reversed, the Three of Cups card reveals a deep unhappiness brought on by solitude, loneliness, abandonment, ruined plans, disappointment, alcoholism, drug addiction, withdrawing from society, and the loss of friends. It can also indicate excess hedonism in search of a “deeper connection” if it is aspected badly by insinuating cards.

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