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Three of Pentacles Description

A master stonemason is doing some finishing work on an intricate arch he has been commissioned to create for a local monastery. He is interrupted by a friar and a bureaucrat who happen to have an artistic rendition of what the arch “should” look like. They simply have some questions or concerns about the project.

This can be seen as forcing him to stop work to answer some questions that could easily be addressed after the daylight hours have passed, since he can’t do this at night, or it may be taken as a commendation of his skills.

Prime Elements: Three of Pentacles

  • Number: Three. Additional input, “three’s a crowd,” structural analysis. Odd
  • Suit: Coins. Work stoppage, quality control, commendations, clients, referrals
  • Direction: South. Corporate executives, management, structure, detail. Midnight
  • Element: Earth. Mastery of skill, contracts and “contracts awarded,” self-reliance

Three of Pentacles Traditional meaning

The Three of Pentacles is the card of the master; whether that is a master artist, swordsman, magus, stonecutter, or any other occupation, this card shows great skill and achievement.

Compare this to the 8 of Pentacles, which shows us the apprentice. This may indicate the master himself, his masterpiece work, his studio, or even a visit from clients. Similarly it can represent artistic criticism, or a critique of one’s work, an employee evaluation, quality assessment, even a promotion or a raise.All of these possibilities are positive in nature. Look to the surrounding cards and the nature of the question to determine exactly what is at play here. 

The Three of Pentacles card can occasionally indicate unexpected assistance once you have earned your “sweat equity” (you have made your bandwagon and people want to jump on it, which is not necessarily a bad thing at all).

Three of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

The same basic principles for the Three of Pentacles card apply in reverse, except that they are far more negative. Now we see complaints about your work: unhappy bosses or clients, meddling in your affairs, or nagging and micro-managing to great detriment, even lack of recognition for your efforts. Conversely: shoddy workmanship.

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