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Two of Cups Description

Two of Cups — Rider Deck Blue Box

Two of Cups — Rider Deck Blue Box​​Two of Cups — Rider Deck Blue Box

Look closely at the two of cups card. Two become one here. The man wears a wreath of roses while the woman wears a laurel (traditionally a masculine adornment) in a sacred ritual of gender communion.

This is soul bonding. Cups are exchanged and a peaceful cottage in the distance alludes to a happy family to come, but the true symbolism here are the twin serpents of curiosity and desire balanced below the lion’s head of nobility flanked by wings of purity of intent. T

his is not “ordinary love,” although this card often refers to its lesser, more commonplace form of companionship people enjoy.

Prime elements if Two of Cups

  • Number: Two. Elements joining together. Blended energies, covenants. Even
  • Suit: Cups. Capacity for compassion, sharing, loyalty, friendship
  • Direction: Southwest. Tantra, depth of commitment. Evening
  • Element: Water. Spirituality, love, faith, seduction, chemistry, bonding agents

Two of Cups Meaning

Everyday meanings—A date, chance meeting, new romance, an engagement (if supported by enhancing cards), proposal or handfasting, agreement or truce between two parties, law settlement, or man asking woman out (he is approaching her). 

Deeper meanings—Tantric union, soul mate card. Use this card in your meditations to attract the right person for you.

Conversely, this card can indicate successful contract signings in business (if supported by Wands), conflict resolution (if supported by Swords), or a promotion, raise, or loan (if supported by Coins). This is a very lucky, or fortunate, card. It is also the physicalmanifestation of the concept of The Lovers “major” Arcana card.

Two of Cups Reversed

Trouble in Paradise. A separation; two people going their own way, or refusing to hear each other out. Compassion dissolves into bitterness. Spurned love. Rejection. If coupled with the 3 of Swords, this card (reversed) specifically indicates infidelity.

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