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The 2 of Coins (or "Two of Pentacles") is one of the most annoying cards in the tarot. The essence of this card's meaning is that it takes place on board a ship's deck. When you can see that it makes the uncertainty or ever-shifting platform implied by the wavy water in the background make sense.

This card is all about weighing options, or fervently trying to figure something out without (yet) coming to a successful conclusion. It also implies being in a state of needing more data to feel confident in making a decision or taking action. In this sense it points to uncertainty, but not indecusion (see 7 of cups reversed).

Two of Pentacles Description

A man juggles his coins as a ship in the background is tossed about carelessly by the ever-changing sea. By the man’s garb and spritely dance, we can see that he is a professional; and he is not overly concerned, yet pensive, as if trying to find the perfect balance.

The ribbon that surrounds his coins is reminiscent of the infinity symbol, suggesting that his is an ongoing struggle for balance through constant adjustment and analysis.

The two of pentacles symbolism strongly suggests ongoing emotional and physical imbalance, and is of a mutable nature.

Prime Elements of Two of Pentacles

  • Number: Two. Options, possibilities, differing needs and desires. Even
  • Suit: Coins. Budgets, financial responsibilities, risks and gambling
  • Direction: West-Northwest. Flexibility, adaptation, accounting. Early afternoon
  • Element: Earth. Tremors, quicksand, mud, muck, murk, swamps, scandal

Two of Pentacles Traditional meaning

To truly get the Two of Pentacles card, simply angle it slightly to the right (clockwise) so that the boat is “level.” Now imagine that the boat is “steady,” and that it is the entire earth that is rolling around under this man’s feet as he tries to juggle, and dance, and keep his balance without dropping either of his coins or his ribbon. This card has one central meaning that can manifest in several different ways: At best it reveals clever accounting and tricky cash flow to keep everything afloat, even against the stormy seas of volatile economic times.

On a slightly less happy note, it more often reveals a financial struggle, literally the “juggling of one’s finances” by borrowing money from this area of the budget to pay for that, and scrambling to make ends meet. In a worst case scenario, it is a dire warning that one’s current money management style is about to explode in their face. Could indicate financial insolvency, gambling, even scams.

Two of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Finances in complete disarray, overspending, disorganization leads to chaos, instability, nervous breakdown, hypochondria, trying to fulfill too many obligations, physical accidents.

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