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The Two of Swords in the tarot is one of the most misunderstood cards by most readers. Bad information was written long ago about this card and with all of the rampant plagiarism of card meanings by authors who never truly learned tarot card meanings the lies continue to this day.

This causes many problems for students who are eager to read tarot well but find themselves constantly having to refer back to a book of card meanings or memorizing some artificial tarot formula that has no place in divination. That ends here.

This card (the Two of Swords) is a blockage, a willful resistance to progress. This is neither good nor bad, but is dependent on the individual and the unique circumstance they face. Your intuition will guide you to the exact meaning of this card in every spread that you cast, but the basic essence is that upright it implies a stoppage and reversed a breakthrough

Two of Swords Description

The Two of Swords card depicts a woman sitting on a plain stone bench, blindfolded and holding two large swords crossed high over her shoulders.

The image suggests the lady Justice. In fact, this woman is guarding the fertile, life-giving ocean behind her. Her blindfold reveals that she allows no one to pass; without prejudice. The crescent moon further illustrates the restriction of the feminine, and of the vast emotional storehouse held within.

The Two of Swords is a highly defensive card and is of a fixed nature.

Two of Swords Prime Elements

  • Number: Two. Opposing forces, diverging ideologies, indecision. Even
  • Suit: Swords. Defensiveness, force of will, restriction, crossroads
  • Direction: Southeast. Defiance, headstrong, opposition to any use of force. Late night
  • Element: Air. Harsh winds, harsh words, restriction of emotions

Two of Swords Traditional Meaning 

There is no winning here. The balance created is a thinly veiled stalemate where no meaningful action can take place.

The Two of Swords card indicates an impasse. Without some sort of compromise there will be no progress, no real or lasting peace, and certainly no possibility of effective change. Everything is at a standstill.

Additionally, parties involved are defensively engaged, unwilling or unable to let their defenses down and expose themselves emotionally or to any new ideology that will precipitate a breakthrough.

The Two of Swords card foretells labor disputes or negotiations breaking down. In artistic or literary endeavors it indicates creative or writer’s block.

Two of Swords Reversed Meaning

Swords are sheathed and hands come out to grasp each other in agreement (in the ancient rite of checking to make certain that the other’s hands are indeed devoid of sharp objects as well). Settlements are reached, and action can proceed. The “creatively dead” come back to life as fresh new ideas come suddenly and in force. Breakthroughs in research. Critical problem solving. Ancient secrets are revealed.

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