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Jun 11

Stacia Baiocchi Testimonial

By Ish |

I would like to begin by saying all the classes were fun and packed with information. Dusty made each member of the class feel empowered to do Astrology in a manner that was truly individualized to their own mind set. It was amazing! I would recommend his courses for any one who wants to learn the stars with definite results which are very positive and up lifting. Dusty’s rough externals are a cover for his deep belief in the individualized strengths in those he has the good fortune to teach. I say bravo and I look forward to gazing at the stars in a brand new light!

Dusty takes the time to make sure that his students understand each lesson before moving on to the next. He is always available to answer questions any student might have. He also encourages his students to ask questions about anything at any time to insure they gain the understanding. Dusty’s Students gain experience in a relaxed setting which makes it easy to retain what you learn. Over all I would give his style a 10 and rank him among the best in astrology. Thanks again for your insight and wit, it was a blast.

Stacia Baiocchi Astrology course review June 11, 2018