The Minor Arcana are the 56 cards that deal with the aspects of daily life. Don't be fooled by the term “minor,” as it is the affairs we attend to daily that shape the whole of our lives.

Imagine the whole of you as a giant mosaic, where each day is one tile of thousands that reveal your essence to the world.

Each stone of the mosaic that is you is painted and engraved with your thoughts and actions, your passions, and things that you surround yourself with.

Over time these things shape you as surely as you decide what you will allow in your life and what goals and dreams you will fight for.

House of Wands

The House of Wands is populated with ambitious, active, enterprising people who may appear to others as domineering or hyper-competitive.

These minor arcana cards represent the self-starting energy that lends itself to leadership so easily.

The overall theme we would like you to focus on when you see Wands cards is that of  action, energy, ambition, competition, and aggression.

House of Cups

The House of Cups is populated with emotional, sensual, poetic, musical, and artistic people who may occasionally appear to others as whiny, controlling, manipulative, or needy.

These minor arcana cards represent the deep capacity for emotion that lends itself to nurture so easily, but can represent either compassion or hatred, depending on how these people perceive you.

When you see Cups cards think of emotional response, intuition, and instincts (versus things like,say . . . “logic”), happiness and the lack thereof (when indicated), moodiness, and needs for things like security, comfort, friends, and food

House of Swords

Minor Arcana of the House of Swords

The House of Swords is populated with highly ambitious, domineering and/or deceptive people who delight in causing others pain.

Most of the family members of this house are corrupt and amoral. The rest suffer at their hands. This suit represents “at face value” many of the woes society faces from its most unenlightened populace.

However, this minor arcana suit also represents the element of Air, which has nothing to do with violence and treachery inherently.

The meanings of this suit are taken “at face value” as they were originally designed, allowing for cross-interpretation on an “as-needed” basis.

House of Coins (Pentacles)

The House of Coins is populated with people who enjoy their money.

Some are generous, others are miserly, but all of them are earthy and respect the power of the coin to “make things happen” in the world around them.

“Coin” energy is not as volatile as “Sword,” “Wand,” or “Cup” energy, so it can be a little slower to “take effect,” but the cardinal “Coin” energy can strike faster than a snake and hold one in its grip like a stone fortress.

Coin energy tends to run a bit more permanent than other suits

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