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Hey everyone,

Integrity is everything. That applies to every tarot reading or astrological consultation you give, whether it is free, for charity, or for a client. There is no substitute for being ethical and honest. The same holds true for a website (I believe).

So, to ensure that we are all on the same page, and with complete transparency, I want to clarify the way we handle the affiliate thing. Some of the links this site contains will lead to products and possibly services that I have chosen to present to you. Out of these, some of them will include a potential affiliate commission paid to myself, or to “the business,” if you choose to purchase that item (or service).

As an example, in the top menu I have a link to my books on Amazon, and to the yellow box “Rider” deck by USGS. I think you buy one of those I think I should make around fifty cents (I have to actually check to see that number of course). The point is that these links help to pay some baseline expenses at this point (it costs me a lot of money to give away free lessons), and this allows me to keep your costs for courses and books, workshops, and whatnot as low as possible. But—there are affiliate links on this site, and I want you to know.

My personal mission in life is to help you escape the trap of crappy metaphysical information that proliferates the on- and offline world. I also want to help protect you from scams, and being labeled a scammer through no fault of your own. I want you to enjoy a higher quality of life, and education, or sharing what it has taken myself personally over 40 years, and collectively, what it has taken the top professionals I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work with and learn from, thousands of years to develop and learn.

This is why I have invested time building websites, written books, created and distributed free videos, podcasts, workshops, and other resources. But I am not running a charity. This is a for-profit business, and as we all need to pay rent (or a mortgage), we need clothes to wear and food to eat, I want you to be “for-profit” as well. Hopefully you will do it ethically as well!

Given how we will be adding new valuable resources to this site at every opportunity (new books, deck recommendations, workshops, and many other resources—some free, some mine, and some created by other people), I would like you to assume (for sanity and safety) that any links on this site that lead you to products or services (basically anything you click that will take you to a place where you can spend money) will be “for-profit,” meaning that I will offer you a service (for example: instruction) for which I will be paid, or the link may be something which I, or “the business” will receive compensation from. Let’s assume that for safety.

Okay, so keeping that in mind, these services are not random products, or some company that offered to drive a dump truck of cash to my house. If I recommend something (this includes free —and—affiliate links, as well as my own instruction) I believe it will help you. If I find anything I am referring you to (free or not) is not helpful—or worse—detrimental, I will delete it at my first opportunity. Your success is my highest priority, and that is what drives my continued passion to teach you everything I can, and share with you the tools you need to get results whenever possible.

Naturally I can not guarantee you positive, stellar, life-changing results that will make you rich and famous—that is illegal—besides, I have no idea whether you will even do the work required or not. Son that sense, please view everything with a skeptical eye, consult a competent and qualified expert on all matters before you take any action involving risk, and always use common sense to make your decisions. Oh, and I am an Amazon affiliate, so if I have a link that goes to Amazon, I am probably making a small commission if you decide that the product (or service) is a good match for you, and you buy it then and there.

Please do note that I am not getting freebies or anything like that as an incentive to “sell you something,” and if I ever do, I will let you know first, and upfront; but I don’t see that one the horizon. If I recommend something, it is because it has worked for myself and/or others. Take this into consideration, but please, make your own decisions about whether to part with any of your money or time, rather than simply rely on my word. In this way we will both be protected from bad judgment or miscommunication. And while we are at it, if you ever have any questions relating to a link on the site, just ask me. Email me before you make any serious purchase if you have any questions. I may not have all of the answers, but as I can make time to get to my email I will do my best, as and if I can, to help you find the information you need to assist you in making a more carefully weighed decision. Write to me (or “us”) by using the contact page. Everyone on the team is happy to help. We appreciate you being here, and the trust you invest in us. We work very hard to create a pleasant, effective educational environment that works hard for you. We hope you will continue your journey with us for as long as we are able to help you improve your life.

Thanks for being here!