Dee Hamel Testimonial

ATS book should sell for $49.95. It is  THE BEST out there. Do not under sell yourself. When people buy the book, then give them something for that. This book should NOT sell for 20 bucks. JMHO. 

Dee Hamel Tarot student June 13, 2018

Brady Ann Testimonial

 I am not one to give shameless plugs but I have to tell you I have purchased many tarot books over the years and NONE of them have been such a wonderful resource as this book. I cannot say enough good about Dusty White! There are so many parasites out there in this business just like in Religion, just out to sell a dream and sell a product. He is the real deal and if you don’t have this book you’re missing out. I have taken classes from him and I learned so many things that you will not find in any tarot book…..Mr. White I sent you my props!

Brady Ann Tarot books review June 11, 2018

Tidal Hudson Testimonial

Dusty the class last night was amazing and the Book is BEYOND AMAZING!!!!! It is like having you sit here at the table explaining it to me. It is way more user friendly then other books I have read.

Tidal Hudson Tarot course & book review June 11, 2018

Tidal Hudson Testimonial

I am a big Dusty White fan… I took his one on one class and have his book. He is genuinely authentic and really cares about the people that he works with. He is more concerned with teaching and helping people to understand the concepts than he is in trying to sell a product. I learned so many techniques loaded with impact that I have never found in any tarot books.

Tidal Hudson June 11, 2018