Diana Svitchar testimonial #1

I have been in Dusty’s Tarot class and it has one-on-one lessons. You would not believe the amount of information he is giving, one day I was writing so much, my hand was hurting, LOL. You will never find a more knowledgeable teacher, as I have tried and failed, till my lucky stars guided me to his site. Dusty is very helpful and not a single question goes unanswered. I was reading a Celtic Cross in his book and it all made perfect sense and I was understanding it while I was reading, but I still was not able to do it as I was having problem memorizing the position of the cards, but after it was addressed in a private class, I got a real deep understanding of it, and now have no problem doing the spread, and I don’t even need to look at the book for help. Thank you Dusty.

Dinka Tarot student June 10, 2018