Sally Hale Testimonial

Best tarot book I have ever purchased! And I’ve been reading tarot for 35 years. Originally, my daughter wanted me to teach her tarot. Feeling unqualified to do this without a good guide, I went in search of a good tarot manual that did more than give my daughter key words and phrases—the likes of which I memorized once-upon-a-time.

Key words and phrases don’t teach you how to read the tarot. Unfortunately, that’s all most books give you. Then I found Dusty White’s podcasts, and videos, and free email lessons. I loved what he taught and how he taught it, so I bought his book for my daughter. And then bought another for myself. And then started taking his course and private lessons.

I cannot stress enough how helpful Dusty White and his book are. If anyone is on the fence about which book to buy or which teacher to follow, check out this author. If you think you already have every tarot book you will ever need and you don’t already have this book, you are mistaken. If you are unhappy with your tarot progress, please don’t wait 35 years like I did, check out Dusty White now!

Sally Hale June 13, 2018