What gives you confidence in reading the Tarot?

Reading the tarot takes confidence:

You need to open your mouth and trust the words that come out. This is scary to most people—and it should be. We are not making things up as we go, and we are NOT paid four our opinion.

Most people who have had a tarot reading have encountered the “reader” who *broadcasts* information at them: The “reader” states what is going on in their lives as if it is a set fact, even when it makes no sense to the client (person getting the reading).

This kind of arrogance is not tarot reading. It is a scam, and fraudulent. We are not talking about that.

Today we teach you how to have GENUINE confidence when reading your cards—how to develop a trust bond with your intuition, and what it takes to feel comfortable in any situation when reading cards for anyone. It really is not that hard. In fact, most of what you need to do is to simply get out of your own way (silence the yappy dog).

Today we show you how in just over 30 minutes. (We also share some embarrassing stories.) Thanks for being here.

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