Why Learn Tarot?

In today’s podcast, Mandy, Sharon and I tackle questions submitted by our listeners.

They want to know things like,

  • why should they learn the tarot?
  • Why use tarot cards?
  • Why are tarot cards accurate?
  • And why do tarot cards work?

In our experience, people learn the tarot for many reasons.

The tarot helps us explore and understand the world around us. The tarot enables us to answers questions that we could not answer otherwise. With the tarot, we develop our intuition and connect with the Divine! In the end, we learn the tarot because it works.

So why use tarot cards and not some other tool? There are few tools like the tarot that can deliver so much information from such a compact source. The imagery of the tarot cards sparks our intuition. One single picture can contain a multitude of words in a way that something like a pendulum cannot. The cards become the vocabulary through which the Divine can communicate with us. People consult the tarot, and some pay a lot of money to do so, because it works. So why are tarot cards so accurate? The tarot cards are accurate because trained tarot readers have honed their intuitions and developed a dialogue with their cards to the point they are clear channels to the Divine. There is no magic in the cards. The magic is in the reader. The tarot is accurate because it provides an avenue for intuition to manifest Divine knowledge into words. We hope you enjoy this episode! Thanks for being here!

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