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Quick and easy ways to master reversals

Becky and I sat down and talked about reversals, and how to understand them quickly and easily. I gave several examples in the second part of the show to help you get them as they show up in real life. We pulled techniques from Advanced Tarot Secrets, such as spread protagonists, and Card in Position. […]

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Reversals wrap up—not as much fun as we thought

In this episode Jean and I go on for an hour and 17 minutes; mostly about reversals with a bit of graveyard trivia and a few minor rants. These suits are a bit depressing and I am dead-tired so the podcast seems to drag on. For that I apologize but it is full of information.

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Reversals—The problem that never seems to go away

Reversals again? Grr . . . Reversals really cause people problems, so this week we are tackling them again with fresh insights on how they might appear. This is part one of a two-part podcast (the second part will be recorded tomorrow). We cover what each card of the four suits of the “minor” Arcana […]

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