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The Easiest Way to Learn the Major Arcana Ever! : Death

This podcast started out as a follow-up for ending cards. We wanted to go deeper into which cards fall in that category and how they are different. We did get into this lightly, but once we started started talking about the Death card, that’s where we stayed! The Death card is incredibly fascinating! This is […]

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Discrimination in the Tarot World

This affects us all. When Tarot readers, arms dealers, terrorists and travel agents have something in common, there’s a problem. Even after being recognized by the highest of educational institutions, churches and the community, discrimination is still out there for the tarot reader! We’re even doing it to our own. It’s time to lift each […]

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House of White Presents : Elements of the Tarot Suits

Skwirl and Lesley discuss the elements of fire, earth, air and water associated the four suits in the Tarot. They look at the “traditional” book meanings; how they interpret each element; and how the multiple elements can be seen within a single card. There is a complexity involved that only comes to life once you’ve […]

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Beginning Tarot Cards

Aces are natural beginning cards. What other cards are considered beginning cards? Pages? Yes. Pages. What suit is considered a beginning? The Fool begins the Trumps but is it the only beginning in the Major Arcana? Does 8 come before 3? You think not? Listen today to the talk about this very important consideration when […]

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Elemental Musings On The 3 of Swords

The bleeding 3 of hearts! Why isn’t the traditional meaning of the 3 of swords associated with water? It speaks so strongly of emotional disappointment! Why and how did the suits get associated with fire, earth, air and water? What does that even mean? Mandy, Skwirl and I got together today to help understand these […]

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House of White Presents : Ethics for Tarot Readers

Have you noticed how many articles are in circulation lately about how Tarot readers and “psychics” are all scammers and con artists? Of course, every profession has some of those types of people in action, but the Tarot community has been under heavy attack for quite awhile. One of the ways we can fight this […]

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