easy tarot lessons



Note: This is a lesson on reading the tarot, not card counting at a casino.

Professional tarot readers read cards for their clients by feel, by eye, and by system, almost always in that order. How do I know this? Because I am a professional tarot reader. I have read tarot for well over 15,000 clients (I finally stopped counting because at some point it just gets annoying). I have worked, day-to-day in the company of hundreds of professional tarot readers for several years. I have done psychic faires, phone consults, email and chat readings, in-person sessions, and I wrote the very first (and possibly only) telephone psychic handbook over two decades ago called Live and Nationwide. So I believe I know the game. Now let’s get you up to speed.

Professional tarot card readers may read for three people a day or they may read for twenty, or more in rare situations. Mental stress is not your friend in this business, and if you have any empathic abilities at all (not required to divine the future) you will be soaked in other people’s emotional vomit after a long day of counseling querents. The more you rely on tricks (and it is a sad fact that many psychics still do this) to shortcut your readings, or gimmicks, or the more you have to calculate the formulaic possibilities of Kabbalah, numerology, color theory, and other un-related disciplines that find their way into tarot interpretations the more mental stress you build up in the back of your head. It is no different than having to look up the meanings of each card in a book, or relying on keywords to try to “paint-by-numbers” a reading together.

In my book for beginners, The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! I constantly harp on you to “see with your own eyes first,” because this is what you will do when you are face to face with a client or querent who expects you to have all the answers; but more over to have the ability to somehow “fix the future.” The whole point of reading cards is to be able to feel the answers. This does not happen the moment you pick up a deck. It can on occasion, but only with the right training and a serious desire to practice (and none of this has to be hard) can you expect to get reliable information from your cards. If it were as simple as Kabbalistic interpretations, numerology, and color theory or keywords then ANY computer could read the future for us and do so accurately and cheaply. Computers can out analyze possibilities, religious law and scientific fact faster and more correctly than any human. But a computer can NOT read your future and give you specific reliable answers. This is why we have “study and practice.”

So we have to develop your basic skills through a series of exercises that you will actually do. You need to have the time, desire, persistence, and stamina to do this training, so your physical labors (tarot studies and exercises) must be fun and easy to follow. Also, they must train your psychic muscles just as if you were attending a metaphysical gym under the guidance of a personal trainer. Whatever books you read, or whomever you have as your personal tarot trainer, you need to work on developing your eye (to spot patterns and correlate different images into an image you are painting for your querent/client) and you need to become completely objective and non-judgmental. Coloring the information you receive with your own emotional prejudices, wishful thinking, doubts, or beliefs is as harmful as poisoning the well your querent drinks from. Worse, these habits ingrain themselves in your psyche and impede your progress ad a skilled reader. Furthermore, when you attempt to manifest your destiny using the tarot as a helpful tool you will find that you end up shooting yourself in the foot.

None of this has to happen. Read cards like a professional from the very moment you pick up your first deck. Let all previous knowledge slip into the background as you sit back and look over the spread you have cast. Allow the totality of it to sink in as you begin to see cards pop out at you and patterns emerge. Keep your conscious awareness (mental yappy voice) still and observe without words (spoken or thought). You don’t need words to think. I will cover this, probably in the next lesson. You do need awareness and an open mind that can receive information as well as transmit it. Do this and you will be more accurate than MOST of the people who own a tarot deck in the world. Study all of these free tarot lessons and you will become more accurate than most of the tarot readers you will ever meet. Questions? Comments? Hit the ATS forums and post them. Thanks for reading, now go do one thing to increase your ability to read cards. Do this now.

For more detailed lessons on how to learn the tarot please listen to the free audio podcast lesson series Easy Tarot Lessons or pick up a copy of The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! Also feel free to join our tarot discussion at ​Advanced Tarot Secrets.com where we share in-depth lessons and play fun tarot games. If you have ANY questions regarding the tarot you can always contact me. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.