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Research reading from one of my students (using the Roundabout spread):

The question I asked and concentrated on as I was shuffling was:
“Who was responsible for the deaths of the 2 Princes in the Tower?”

I decided not to choose a significator because I was hoping the spread would name the person for me … and I believe it did! Historians have always considered the boys’ uncle, Richard III, as the prime suspect. However, in The Red Queen, an historical novel about Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII – the author, Philippa Gregory, presents her own theory – that Lady Margaret was behind the Princes’ deaths. She certainly did have a motive and stood to gain, and eventually did when her son defeated Richard III and ascended the throne as Henry VII. However, because of these cards, I conclude Richard III was the culprit:

1 3 of Swords
2 The High Priestess
3 The Star
4 9 of Wands
5 Ace of Wands
6 The World
7 7 of Coins
8 Knight of Cups
9 The Hanged Man
10 10 of Swords
11 King of Cups
12 9 of Cups

The most important thing to know about what happened is that it was an act of betrayal -- 3 of Swords. This first card immediately pointed to Richard over Lady Margaret, given that he was the boys’ uncle. The information Richard used to his best advantage was to declare the mother of the boys, Queen Elizabeth Woodville, Edward IV’s widow, a witch – The High Priestess and The Star -- and seize the throne for himself. He placed the boys in the Tower, ostensibly for their own protection – 9 of Wands – but later decided he had to courage to have the boys killed –Ace of Wands in the Tower (The World). Looking at the spread – cards 4,5,6 just screamed death in the Tower by bludgeoning! Plus, they are below the horizon of the spread

Card 7, however, showed that the people around Richard were not happy with him ascending the throne (7 of Coins). The secret in card position 8, and what Richard DIDN’T know, was that Henry Tudor, son of lady Margaret Beaufort, another direct descendant of Edward III and a claimant to the throne from the rival House of Lancaster, had been waiting patiently for his chance to take the throne, exiled in Brittany – Knight of Cups – to cross The Channel and bring Richard, The Hanged Man, down – 10 of Swords. Henry Tudor crossing the Channel was unknown to the killer – so again, these points to Richard over Lady Margaret, because she knew that Henry was crossing the Channel and helped with the planning.

People declared Richard the King of England when the Princes disappeared (King of Cups). Richard, however, lost any chance of happiness (9 of Cups in the last position, card 12, house of sacrifices the killer was called to make) when he had the boys killed and ascended the throne. He was defeated 2 years later by the Knight of Cups from card 8 – Richard lived by the sword (3 of Swords, having his nephews murdered) and died by the sword (10 of Swords). These cards are above the horizon and well know historical fact.