easy tarot lessons



Just because it's old . . .

. . . doesn’t make it right. There is a lingering problem with the tarot that whatever someone thought 500 years ago must be more correct than what we know now. The problem with that was that 500 years ago the earth was flat, there was no North (or South) America, and cats were servants of the xian devil that caused the plague.

This kind of fundamentalist thinking is the very reason that the tarot has been laughed at by science when instead it should be studied to see why and how it works to help us develop parts of our awareness we are usually too stupefied by stress (and television) to even conceive of.

There is no room for superstition in reading the tarot, yet superstition is everywhere, with poorly taught students of the tarot going about poisoning each other’s minds with misinformation like “the tarot came from Egypt,” or “you aren’t allowed to buy your own deck,” you aren’t allowed to accept money for readings,” and “you have to cut the deck with your left hand, wrap your cards in silk buried in a sea salt pile that has never been exposed to the sun--but instead only to the moon.”

If you want to get naked and dance around your tarot cards that is your decision and you should have fun doing it. There is actually much value in being naked, and dancing, but don’t let anyone convince you into mixing magical fact with ignorant superstitions or you will only make it harder for you to develop your innate abilities and evolve to the next level of awareness.