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The essence of the fool card is the essence of “humanity.”

The Fool Card emphasizes the Buddha seed in all of us, the spark of creativity, the joy of unbridled freedom as we escape from the limitations of the “minor” Arcana (food, sleep, money, sex, love, etc.). 

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The Fool Description

A gaily dressed young man traverses the heights of his world. His burden is light, the Sun is shining, and the rose in his hand still holds its scent. He literally is “on top of the world,” lost in his own joyous meditations.

His next step may be his last, or perhaps he may have mastered the ability to walk on air. Either way, he is simply too in love with whatever occupies his mind to pay attention to such trivialities. He has found optimal bliss. Even his fluffy white dog’s happy barks do not call his attention away from his serenity.

Esoteric Interpretation

The Fool sits outside of the fixed “reality box” of the numerical concepts of positive and negative numbers. The Tarot limits existential understanding to 21 hard-coded stages. 

The Fool laughs gleefully at them all. The essence of this card is the essence of “humanity.” This card emphasizes the Buddha seed in all of us, the spark of creativity, the joy of unbridled freedom as we escape from the limitations of the “minor” Arcana (food, sleep, money, sex, love, etc.). We are free of these addictions in this card because this card represents that part in all of us where these needs are satiated or no longer a concern. This is the absolute freedom of choice, and it is that choice being acted upon “right now.”

Traditional Meaning

It is an interesting point that at the moment of chaos you are most truly free. It may not feel that way at the time, but once you lose everything, you gain even more. Without the burdens of luxuries or (self-imposed) responsibilities to tie you down, you can go anywhere you desire. Think on this for a moment. This is why the “chaos star” has eight arrows. This card represents that freedom. You do not have to “lose everything” to find this freedom in yourself. You simply need to click your heels together three . . . er, take a deep breath and just say “___ it!” (use your favorite term). You find joy in life by pursuing what is important to you, not your boss, or what your parents want you to do, or how your friends “think you should behave.” Note how he is completely at peace with whatever befalls his next step. That is you when you stop caring what other people want you to do (so they can be happy).

The Fool card can represent you enjoying any new beginnings, whether they are new ventures, freedom from restriction, new directions in life. This is your personal “get out of jail free card.” When you see this card, see the opportunities ahead of you and the courage that comes naturally with pursuing what is most important to you. Whatever happens next is not as important as what you want it to be. One of the metaphysical secrets of this card is that it is a wish card. The future is not set (he has not stepped off of the cliff yet). Circumstances are always a result of people deciding how reality should be and making it so. The fact that everyone else simply shrugs and goes along with their vision is simply a matter of history. When this card shows up, it is time to take that leap of faith and spread your wings (and flap like crazy!). Take this card and put it anywhere in the deck—and that is where you will be. That is the real power of this card.

Traditional Reversed Meaning

Missteps and fear brought about by overanalysis. Fear of the unknown. Self-limitation forces one to remain in whatever prison they have created for themselves. Inability to act decisively. Check aspecting cards to see who and what is helping create (or enforce) this limitation. Open it up to reveal how this can be overcome. Hesitance almost always means opportunities missed. Also: If The Fool steps halfway, trying to be both on the cliff and off, he will almost certainly fall. Don’t do that.

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