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Wheel of Fortune

” . . .and the wheels of the bus go ’round and ’round.” For all we plot, do, and hide from, the whole of everything keeps moving along with us along for the ride, and when we are gone, it just keeps going. Such is the way . . .

Part of being human is to personalize our experiences here, to see the world around us as we exist in, rather than a whole of which we are a part (an important one), and that means that we all too often take things very personally.

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Wheel of Fortune Description

This is a fun card (be sure to see the “funny captions” section). A giant orange wheel emblazoned with various letters spins randomly as three mythological creatures take their turn “on the wheel” while others record the events of the day. The whole of it takes place in some similarly mythological location (in the clouds). Note that these clouds provide our little group privacy and comfy platforms on which to recline, but not a hint of rain or lightning.

Esoteric Interpretation

The Esoteric interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune Card is important in so many ways, as it is the catalyst for inspiration and invention. It is the stimulation of artistic endeavor which reveals itself in incalculable ways. But “taking things personally” is also the cause of more human suffering than any other core psychological reaction—ever.

Thus the beauty of the Wheel of Fortune card is that it is simultaneously impersonal and intensely personal. “Stuff” doesn’t just happen. “Stuff” happens to you. Other “stuff” happens to people you will never meet, and you never know they are any worse the wear for what has transpired, so really it is not your problem to even think about. The trick (on the surface) appears to be to stay “on top” of the wheel at all times, thereby avoiding the “ups and downs” of life; but really that just makes you a hamster on a wheel, always investing all of your attention and energy trying to avoid pain and inconvenience.

The wheel never stops. The lesson here is to enjoy the good times while they last, and when you can no longer avoid “being on the down side,” minimize your exposure and ride through the cycle safely. This card teaches us to stop taking things so personally, and to look at the greater scheme of things rather than obsessively focusing on the instant gratification of daily distractions.

Traditional Meaning

It’s really hard to overstate the “face value” if it is facing up; it really is a very good card. Things go your way, plans come together. In essence, you are swimming downstream in the great flow of the universe (the current pushes you along, so you end up going faster and further with less effort). Some authorities like to compare this card to the notion of one’s karma; but really, what is karma without dharma anyway? You can’t earn any karma unless you have some personal dharma to start with. In non-gibberish terms: You are you. Be you. Don’t run around trying to be something you are not.

Yes, yes, yes!! Develop yourself! But do so along your lines of purpose and innate strengths and deepest desires. The trivialities of “popularity” and “success” will come to those who are so true to themselves that they create real (and often unique) values to society. “Play to your strengths” and you will do well. This card shows us that everything has cycles, and that the only thing we truly own are our character traits. When we prepare for life’s “ups and downs” by developing our own individual strengths and qualities, our passions, and our inner resources, we will find others who support us both when we are “up” and when we are “down” instead of simply on the day we are popular.

Traditional Reversed Meaning

 Well, it’s been fun, but . . . Okay, so if this card is reversed, it’s definitely time to limit your exposure, take nothing for granted, plan carefully, save your pennies, and get new friends. This indicates challenges (yaay!) and opportunities coming from work (ugh!) and sacrifice.

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