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The Magician

The Magician card meaning is primarily the force of the human will. “I AM!” A statement so simple yet profound simply by the speaker’s ability to make it. This is the card of physical manifestation, and the skill to do just that. It is a card of results, but also a card that points to the person with the ability to "make it happen" (whatever the task is). 

This card shows us a skilled person, but more important: it shows us someone with everything they need at their disposal. Compare this to someone who can't catch a break, or can't raise the resources they need to change the world around them. 

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The Magician Description

The Magician  represents a master practitioner who holds his double-ended candle high and simultaneously points to the earth below him. While the "as above, so below" thing is so commonly repeated by lazy authors, we would like you to take a close look at what is really going on in the image. The wand in his right hand is illusory. It is his left hand that is doing the Lord's work: He is pointing. His real wand is his index finger, as he uses his pointing finger as a lens to focus all of the divine energy he is channeling through him, to effect change in the tangible world. He is manifesting a thing, right in front of us. 

His tools lay before him on his worktable, being the sum of all worldly endeavors, and flowered vines and plants of all sorts surround him, reminding us that he is one with Nature. His belt is the encircling snake of “self-containment” and eternal regeneration, his halo of infinity, white robes of purity of intent, white headband of purity of thought, red over-cloak of action and purpose incarnate. Only the essential parts of the message are displayed in the image. He draws both masculine (+), and feminine (-) energies in (through his wand/candle), and directs them down "into the earth" as a singular, materialized force.

Esoteric Interpretation

The Magician focuses on the power of the individual (essentially, any one of us, anywhere, at any time) to take control of their own destiny, and change the world around them through sheer force of will—backed by physical action. We must take action in accordance to our will in order to change reality to our liking. As the (alleged) “dominant” life form, humans enjoy the ability to shape and control our planet and everything contained on it with ever more daring and skill. This is a skill reserved to homo sapiens among known primates, and it is the power over all of “existence” (as existence is merely a concept of awareness). This card shows us how.

The amount of layers and symbolism one can draw from all of this has been cataloged by various books and secret texts, and we will not go into all of that here. For your current use, know that this is not a force to be played with like a toy. This is the root base of the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion, and it is a tool capable of harnessing the full power of the Mystic and Complete Law of Cause and Effect. This is inside you even now. Advanced training can help you draw it out more clearly, but this natural part of you is why you exist and how you get what you want (and need: hint) from life. Meditate on this for further clarity or join our academy.

Traditional Meaning

This card has a lot in common with the Ace of Wands. It is the act of, and power to, manifest “something from nothing” (which is an esoteric misnomer we use only for the sake of convenience in teaching). This is the card of purposeful creation and destruction, not some random act of the gods or circumstance. This card represents the act of commitment. Pair this up with a “minor” Arcana card, or the card position meaning of the spread you are using to elicit an answer to your question, to see what is being “decided and acted upon.” 

The Magician  also shows the autonomy of self-governance and the reliability of assumed responsibility. There is no hesitation in this card. It is not a card of action per se, but the force behind action or the command presence to instill action to follow along a prescribed path. When you see this card, see decisions, initiations (the commencement of activities), a revelation of the power of whatever this card points at, the will and the confidence to act decisively, and the ability to utilize resources at hand. This is a supreme Alpha card. It represents initiative combined with action, and is not for the timid or the weak.

 As a person: these are the qualities of this person (male or female). This card is genderless.

As advice: do these things. Take action, make decisions, be confident, use what you have now, and stop whining or procrastinating. This card offers no excuses and allows for none in turn. This is not the outward authority of status or position (Emperor, Hierophant . . .). This is inherent in everyone and must be tapped into to actuate. This is the channeling of the energies accessible to anyone towards a set goal or problem.

Traditional Reversed Meaning

Unskilled labor. Indecisive person or action. Weak will. Sacrifice without reward. Cowardly behavior. When reversed this card indicates an untrained, or incompletely trained “expert,” a “false-prophet” or unskilled/untrained prognosticator or counsellor (posing as a professional). Bad advice from a fool (not “The Fool”). It is sacrilege and anathema to the wisdom and knowledge that come from careful and patient study and practice. It unearths shoddy workmanship and even scandal brought about by laziness pressed into authority. This is a very disturbing card reversed as it shows not just merely a lack of potential or of effort, it denotes a willful disregard for the values of patient and persistent training of a needed skill.

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