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"Hands down, the best tarot lessons
on the planet!"

— Sharon Lewis


Free video tarot course, taught by REAL TAROT EXPERTS who make REAL MONEY reading.

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Learning the tarot does not have to be hard.   No more card memorizations, or outdated superstitions YOU CAN read the future, find missing objects and people, fix relationships—and get paid if you want to go pro.  This is what we do—we are here to help you.

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If you really want to learn how to know what the cards in your hands are saying to you—you simply must take this course!  We revolutionized how the tarot is taught, and our students are happily manifesting their dreams, reading for clients all over the world, and have peace of mind. The tarot is not just a game, or some spooky tool of magic: It is a fun lifestyle!


Video lessons? Yes! You get 11 complete sets of them!

It's like you are sitting in class, being personally trained by Dusty White (the #1 bestselling author of The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! —and also— Advanced Tarot Secrets (the bible of the top tarot professionals).

But it's a LOT cheaper!!  (In fact, it's actually free . . . )

This is a short course (a few weeks of training and LOTS of practice with your cards) taken directly from the master course of tarot mastery, taught at our exclusive metaphysical mystery school at The House of White.

Why not learn how the pro's do it by watching them do it? We have short, easy-to-follow step-by-step videos, taught in a no-nonsense fashion. No ooky-spooky superstition. We show you how to make your cards actually work.


Audio lessons & interviews with people who are doing it!

You get Real-life advice from people who read tarot for a living, including Dusty White. This way you can listen anywhere, on-the-go. This turns your down-time into tarot learning time so you can master the tarot twice as fast

Easy, fun, casual, and friendly: and no B.S. It is our mission to train the next generation of world-class tarot experts, because, wel . . . you know . . . we will be dead someday. We want to pass on to you, what we have invested decades learning.


Fun quizzes!

We want you to become a Zen master of reading tarot cards. Rather than have you memorize card meanings (ugh! like that works!) we show you how to see what your cards are saying to you. In addition to video and audio lessons, we have a thriving community you can join—and study with other (professionally-trained) tarot students from beginner to super-expert

Everyone is friendly here. If they are not—well, they just have to leave. You will find fun people who want to engage with you, if and when you are ready.
You are not alone.


All of this is free — but you have to actually practice with your cards: You can go at your own pace—fast or slow

We put a lot of work into teaching you how to be a GREAT reader, but we don't overwhelm you with so much information that you don't get any time hands-on time with your cards. 

We are the very best in the world and we prove it every day. Our students get results. Click the green button (and scroll down THAT page) to see dozens of our numerous testimonials from real-life students who have tried other "tarot schools," or just been tired of reaidng book after book . . . after book (ugh! We have been there!)

Let us help you become the best tarot reader you wll ever meet.